Armadillo Tactical Gear Accessories

Improved Grip Swivel Ladder Feet

Optional swivel feet are available for any of the ladder sizes for improved grip, particularly on soft ground. The swivel feet are supplied with one dedicated ladder section designed to accept the pinned joint. This option is available for both new ladders, as well as an individual section for upgrading current ladders.

Bus Assault Platform

Bus Assault Platform

The bus assault platform converts a single ladder segment into a stable non-skid platform for tubular assaults and first floor porting operations. This kit is available either as a stand-alone bus assault ladder (comprised of a single ladder segment and the platform), or as an add-on to the standard full-length ladder.

Additional ladder sections can be added to create a full-length ladder with a usable platform at the top and a standoff distance from a wall or other obstacle. The horizontal rubber feet on the platform provide excellent traction and stability when placed against a vertical surface.

Also, the bus assault platform is extremely lightweight compared with standard metal or wood platforms, making it easy to carry in one hand. Breaks down into three pieces for convenient transport.

Ladder Backpack Bag

Ladder Backpack Bag

Ladder Backpack Bag Open

Allows for easy transport for ladder. Individual pockets for each ladder section for quiet transport, removal and assembly.  Includes padded backpack straps for a comfortable fit.  Zippered front pouch for additional storage.  Carry handle for transportation when not being worn as backpack.

Litter Cover for Ladder

Litter for Ladder

Durable cover turns any 8″ or 12″ wide ladder into a litter. Attaches easily to ladder with quick connect buckles. Includes top straps to securely restrain the subject during transport.

Ladder Section End Caps

Ladder End Caps

Ladder Ends on Ladder Section

Using these section end caps you can create shorter ladders. Simply combine ladder sections to desired length and slide end cap over splice joint. Sold in pairs and fit all sectional ladder models.  For use with all Armadillo sectional carbon fiber ladders.

Lightweight Carbon Fiber Extendable Tactical Poles & Accessories

  • All carbon fiber tube has .05″ wall for stiffness and crush resistance
  • All tubes have a consistent 0.010 radial clearance to the next larger tube for smooth extension and retraction for minimal rattle
  • Lightweight collets securely grip telescoping tube
  • Each tube section available in lengths up to 72″
  • Standard 1/4″-20 end connecting hardware, camera mount, adjustable male/female threaded clevis, half clevis, or can make custom hardware to suit
  • Two standard poles available:
    4-Section (1.15 lbs./27.75″ – 96″)
    7-Section (4.1 lbs./56.5″ – 303″)
  • Standard accessories available: Carbon Fiber Push-Pull Hook, Carbon Fiber Push-Pull Blade, Mirror

Call for quote or inquire about custom poles/accessories.