Features of Armadillo Carbon Fiber Tactical Ladders

Key Features & Benefits of
Armadillo Tactical Ladders

  • Carbon Fiber construction results in an extremely lightweight ladder that is easily carried and allows rapid deployment for placement in difficult situations.
  • Portable: Easy transportation and storage, for example the trunk of a car or backpack.
  • Quick, easy and quiet assembly without any additional hardware or tools that can be lost.
  • Segmented – Only take as much ladder as needed for the mission
  • Additional uses of ladder segments:
    • Stretcher (litter)
    • Table
    • Door wedge
    • Bus assault

PATENTED #8,448,748

Carbon Fiber Ladder Features & Benefits
  1. Quick slide-together spliced joints for quick assembly.  No additional hardware or tools required.
  2. Strong, reinforced carbon fiber rungs with textured no-slip finish.
  3. Rubberized feet on end sections to reduce chance of slipping.  Optional, claw grip swivel feet are also available for no-slip on surfaces like ice.
  4. Optimized carbon fiber side rails for maximum stiffness and minimum weight.